Launched on August 15, 2022 by Alex McWhirter, Icosa enables the staking of Hedron and Icosa. In addition it also allows HSI's to be sold to the contract for immediate Icosa. All stakes sold to the contract will be available for liquidation after 90 days.

For more information visit icosa.pro

Total Staked Icosa

Staked Percentage

Total Liquid Icosa

Total Hedron Supply

Staking Classes

Whale Class: Icosa

Min. Stake: 360 days

Shark Class: Icosa

Min. Stake: 270 days

Dolphin Class: Icosa

Min. Stake: 180 days

Squid Class: Icosa

Min. Stake: 90 days

Turtle Class: Icosa

Min. Stake: 30 days

Hedron Staking Yield(ICSA)

Staking Points Burned

Icosa Staking Yield(HDRN)

Icosa Staking Yield(ICSA)

Staking Points Burned

Today's WAATSA Yield(ICSA)

WAATSA Points Burned

Today's Minted Hedron

Yesterdays Minted Hedron

Today's Burnt Hedron

Yesterdays Burnt Hedron

Today's Loaned Hedron

Yesterdays Loaned Hedron